A Few “Road Trip Safety Tips”

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Summer is officially here! Walker Smith has some helpful road trip safety tips to protect your vehicle from extreme heat. These useful bits of information will be especially helpful if you are planning on going on any long road trips this summer.


Simple Steps to Follow

You should park in the shade whenever possible. Parking in the shade will keep your car significantly cooler. Extreme heat makes your battery lose power at a faster rate, so it is important to keep your car cool as much as possible.

It is important to prepare your tires for the extreme summer conditions. Give your tires a good check up to make sure they are in good shape before you hit the road. When rubber hits the road and that road is extremely hot, it is important to have good tread. Also, make sure your tire pressure is at the correct psi. If your tires are under or overinflated it could blow out.

Avoid summertime car trouble.It is also a good idea to protect your engine from overheating, especially in the summer months. Make sure you have clean oil, all the fluids are topped off, the belts and hoses are up to standard, that you have preplaced any warn parts. Taking these precautions reduce the odds of your vehicle breaking down or becoming overheated.

Last but not least, be sure to have your A/C system serviced before you hit the road so you can keep your passengers cool. It is especially important to have a properly working climate control system here in Georgia and in other states you might be traveling to that have extreme heat during the summer. Also, make sure you never leave children or pets unattended in the automobile.


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