Keep Your Car Clean!

It’s about that time of year again. You know, when the state of Georgia turns yellow? Everything that sits outside in the spring for more than 10 minutes gets a fine dusting of the yellow stuff: pollen. Not only does this evil dust make our eyes itch, our nose run and our throat sore, but it can wreak havoc on our cars too. You might think that this delicate looking dust is annoying, but gentle. If you were to look at pollen under a microscope, though, what you would see is that each little piece has spores. These spores act like sticky hooks and stick to anything and everything that they come into contact with, including our cars. By design, these spores are not meant to be removed easily, so it is important to pay careful attention to how we clean the pollen off of our vehicles.

It is easy to think that a quick rinse or wipe off of the car should do the job in getting the pollen off, but here is why you don’t want to do either:
• Pollen is a highly acidic substance. When you just spray your car with water, this can activate the acids in the pollen, which could lead to rust.
• As we mentioned before, pollen has lots of little “hooks.” If you only wipe your car down with a dry cloth or brush, these little hooks will scratch your car’s paint.

The best way to get all the pollen cleared from your car without doing further damage is to do it the old fashioned way: with soap and water. When you clean your car this way, the soap can encapsulate the pollen and then safely remove it. If you have to park your car outside, it would be a good idea to wash it a few times a week during the peak pollen season. Once you have cleaned your car and it has dried, you should apply a nice coat of wax. This wax will do a lot to protect your car’s finish and might even mean less washing. If you know that the pollen is especially bad where you park your car, consider trying to park in a garage or even buying a cover. And, if possible, don’t park near or under trees during the spring.

We know that the pollen in the spring can be a headache (literally!). We hope this helps you know how to protect your car, one of your greatest investments, better. Now, if there is already damage caused by pollen or other things in the past, give Walker Smith Body Shop a call. Whether it’s scratch removal, dent removal, a new paint job, or major collision repair, we can make your car look new again! Call to set up your appointment today at 770-972-2975.

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