After this winter, we are more excited than ever to drive around town with the windows down! With warmer weather on the way, Walker Smith Body Shop has some suggestions for how to get your car ready:

  1. Give it a wash. The abnormally cold weather in Atlanta this winter gave our cars a little taste of the not-so-car-friendly northern climate. Our dear automobiles probably need a little TLC after facing ice storms, silt-filled snow, salty roads and sandy bridges. Take special care to clean the undercarriage and bottom half of your vehicle. As the temperature warms, salt can actually become more corrosive than in colder temperatures. Also, be sure to remove any dirt deposits left behind by snow – these can also cause scratches and long term body damage.
  2. Spray, don’t scrub. If you are doing the cleaning yourself, be sure to spray down the car completely, multiple times, before you take a sponge or cloth to the body. This is because scrubbing the leftover residue can cause scratches on the exterior. If you go to a drive through wash, be sure to use a “touchless” wash.
  3. Wax on, wax off.  Legs are not the only things who need a wax after wintertime! That sand and gravel we mentioned may have already caused some dings and scratches on your car. The best way to keep the paint from eroding further is to follow up your wash with a good wax.
  4. Update your wipers. April Showers are coming, so be sure to install new wiper blades, as the old ones probably got a good licking from the sleet and snow. This is a fast and inexpensive fix that will keep you safe and your windshield looking clean.

If you need more than just a wash and wax, Walker Smith can help! Call us at 770-972-2975 to schedule your appointment.
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