At Walker Smith, a full-service collision repair shop, we believe in providing solutions,  not causing more damage. We also know that protecting the environment is not only important to us, but also to our customers. That is why we use an eco-friendly paint called PPG Envirobase ® High Performance on the repairs in our shop. The paint has a water base, instead of containing other chemical solvents that can be harmful to the environment. You can also breathe easy knowing our paints emit lower pollutants into the air when they are applied to a vehicle.

Just because the paint is green, doesn’t mean we compromise on color or quality. Envirobase® HP has accurate color matching and hundreds of thousands of tints to choose from. In fact, the paints colors are approved by the original manufacturers (OEM Approval.) This is one of the reasons that our repairs look seamless. The painting system is also rapid, which gives us the chance to complete your paint job quickly and return your vehicle looking like new.

Envirobase® HP is also backed by a Lifetime Paint Performance Guarantee, so you have peace of mind that the finish on your vehicle is applied with the quality long-lasting materials. In addition to the PPG Guarantee, we at Walker Smith guarantee our work for the lifetime of your vehicle.

If you have been in an accident, you have a choice of what body shop to use. When you trust Walker Smith with your vehicle, you get the satisfaction of using high-quality, water-based, eco-friendly paint. You can also rest easy knowing that our paint selection reflects our repair philosophy. We utilize state of the art technology and our 40 years of expertise, as we strive for perfection on each vehicle that enters our shop.

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