Oil Changes and other minor maintenance are a given task for any car owner. But to some, the idea of waxing a vehicle seems like a luxury or something reserved for brand new Lexus owners and Mopar enthusiasts.

Take it from us at Walker Smith Body Shop, washing and waxing is more important than you think! It protects the paint on your car… and the paint protects your car exterior from rust and erosion.

If you want your vehicle to last, the experts recommend that you wax your vehicle every three months. Here are a few tips to make your job easier and more effective.

1. Park your car in the shade. We’d also like to suggest that the spot be cool, but that’s seriously hard to come by in Metro Atlanta most of the year! Your car should be cool(er) to the touch when you get started. You may have to beat the rooster in the summer, but it will  prevent spotting caused by heat.

2. Wash & dry first.  You need a clean surface to prevent scratches. We suggest using a microfiber towel, which will not cause scratching and fading over time like cotton and other synthetic materials. Be sure to care for your microfiber towels using the manufacturers instructions – they need special treatment to maintain car wash level quality! Also, this may go without saying, but please don’t use dish soap!

3. Clean off the gunk. Even after a good wash, there might still be some grime hanging around from sap, pollen and bird droppings. Just run your hand across the surface – if it’s smooth, move to step 4. If it’s not, you can use a clay bar or a mild abrasive to get those tough spots.

4. Wax on, Wax off. If you’re going for staying power, the best waxes are polymer based. Apply using routine circular movements like so:


If you find any scratches or dents while you’re waxing, give Walker Smith in Snellville a call and ask about our free scratch removal deal!