The summer easing to an end and that means that school children everywhere are cramming in their summer reading before school starts.


While your kid is skimming the Cliffs Notes of Grapes of Wrath, we thought we’d offer you some summer reading of your own! (In our opinion this reading is much more fun… Especially for car fanatics like us.)

Here are our 6 must-read Auto Blogs from Walker Smith Body Shop, in no particular order:

1. Autoblog – Aptly named, we know. This one gets a visual A+ with its sleek design, like a new Mercedes-Benz S-Class. It is self-described as “obsessively” covering the Auto Industry – with a heavy focus on the latest in vehicle models and reviews. This is a go-to when you’re in the market for a brand-spankin’-new vehicle.

2. Auto Extremist – We especially love the slogan for this blog – “The Bare-Knuckled, Unvarnished, High-Octane Truth.” While admittedly this blog can be skewed towards Detroit views, there is some great industry information, a lovely Photo Gallery, and a super-cool “On the Table” feed which gives little blurbs of the latest car news.

3. Just a Car Guy – This one is for laughs. It’s a daily meme of fun finds on the internet and elsewhere, all to do with vehicles. Have fun.

4. Ecoxplorer – This blog is for those of you who prefer to drive green or love to save gas money when you travel (Did we just include every driver in the whole world?) It’s not just focused on automobiles, but we think you drivers will like it. It includes tips, gadgets, deals and great cars for both travelers and the

5. Dub Magazine Blog – If this blog were a car, it would have 24-inch rims and a subwoofer filling up the trunk. It’s all about culture, music, celebrities, and of course, the most fashionable cars are the road. As our grandparents would say – this one is for the young bucks.

6. Walker Smith Body Shop – Ours. Duh. Come visit for fun facts, car news and info about our fantastic service in Snellville!