Rain is nice when you’re lying in your bed at night listening to the drip drops outside the window. Rain is not so nice when you’re driving down the highway and can’t see 3 feet in front of your car! At Walker Smith Body Shop Snellville we know that driving in the rain can not only be frustrating but also dangerous!

We would like to offer some simple tips to keep you driving safe in the rain!
Tip#1. Drive with extra caution, especially if it has not rained for a long time and oil and grease have built up on the roadways. Once the rain has fallen for a few hours typically the rain washes away most of the debris.

Tip#2. Drive slower than usual. Give yourself adequate amount of distance between you and the other cars. This way when you have to brake you will have plenty of room to stop.

Tip#3. Turn on your lights. This will help other cars to see you through the rain. Also putting on your hazards can help if visibility becomes extremely impaired.

Tip#4. Keep your windshield clear using your defrost system. Additionally make sure that your windshield wipers are working well.

Tip#5. Make sure you have good tread on your tires. This will help you to avoid hydroplaning.For more information on what to do if your car hydroplanes check out the link below.


Tip#6. Lastly if the rain is extremely heavy and visibility is severely compromised, it would be better to just wait it out. If you find yourself already driving and things get worse, pull over! Better to be late than sorry!

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