Halloween Safety Tips for Drivers

It’s that time of year again! Can’t you just smell the candy corn in the air? With Halloween just a few weeks away, we at Walker Smith Body Shop would like to offer a few Halloween safety tips.

Most trick or treating takes place after dark so visibility is always a factor. Consider that this is a high traffic evening, with most parents rushing home from work to get their little trick or treaters out the door. So consider leaving a little earlier from work if at all possible. This way you can avoid heavy traffic and be home in time to hand out those left over Snickers from last year (just kidding you ate them all remember)?

However if leaving work early to avoid traffic is not a option you will just have to apply extra caution. This is not the time to be reading the picture text of your neighbors pug in his batman costume while changing the radio station and taking sips of your pumpkin spiced latte. Pay attention, Pay attention, Pay attention!

So you made it home and beat all the traffic! Now your little trick or treaters want you to drive them to all the houses for the candy because…

A. It’s too cold

B. It’s raining

C. You live in a neighborhood where the trick or treating is a little “too dangerous”

D. Your kids are lazy.

Whatever the reason may be, you must drive with extreme awareness. Always drive with your lights and hazards on if you are making frequent stops. It’s worth it! Advise your children about safety awareness and when ever possible get out and walk with them.

So there you have it, a few Halloween safety tips.

As always you do have a choice when involved in an accident on what Snellville body shop you choose! Please consider us at Walker Smith Body Shop.