The odds of getting into a car accident in the metro Atlanta area are very high. The secret to not letting the stress of insurance rates, repairs, and finding a rental car is knowing how to handle the collision from the beginning.

  1. After the collision, and after you’ve filed the police report, you’ll have to wait a few days to pick it up in order to take care of the repairs to your vehicle.
  2. Call your insurance company to file a claim, and keep this number readily available.
  3. Some insurance companies like to write their own estimates for the vehicle damage. IT WILL ALMOST ALWAYS BE LOWER THAN WHAT YOU EXPECT! Don’t worry about that; Walker Smith Body Shop will work with the adjusters to make sure your vehicle is repaired with all the right parts and excellent craftmanship.
  4. Take your copy of the estimate to Walker Smith Body Shop. They will work from this estimate.
  5. Walker Smith Body Shop will call Enterprise to pick you up and take you to your rental vehicle. Make sure you have your claim number!
  6. During repairs, the staff will keep you informed on all the repairs, and they will let you know when the vehicle is ready for pick up.

Whether you have a brand new BMW 3 series or a 15 year old Toyota Camry, Walker Smith Body Shop is going to treat your car with the utmost integrity. With a lifetime guarantee on their craftmanship and a manufacturers warranty on parts, there’s no better place in Snellville to take your vehicle. Call them today with any questions you may have at 770-972-2975.

(photo courtesy of Emil (MAQINA) by Flickr)