Don’t Let Rust and Corrosion Ruin Your Car

Buying and maintaining a car can be an expensive investment. That’s why at Walker Smith Body Shop we encourage you to do everything possible to maintain the fine finish of your vehicle.

Proper maintenance of your vehicle requires preventative measures to be taken on a regular basis. Also, there are parts of the car to watch closely in order to prevent the threat of corrosion and rust. Rust is extremely threatening to your car. Once rust sets in, there is little that can be done to salvage it. That is why it is important to stop corrosion in its tracks, before it ever gets the chance to form.

Walker Smith Body Shop wants to keep you informed about preventative measures that will keep the threat of rust and corrosion at bay.


Stop Corrosion – Steps To Prevent Rust on Cars


  1. General Car Maintenance
    Be sure to give your vehicle a good wash every two weeks or so. This means cleaning the undercarriage and wheel wells when they look dirty. Doing this will extract areas of build up and accumulated dirt and grease. If theses areas are ignored, moisture can be captured allowing rust to build up.
  2. Regularly Inspect Your Vehicle
    External painted areas will begin to show rust when the paint bubbles up. If you notice chips and nicks during a periodical inspection, mark the locations of these spots. When you have spotted all of them, clean the chip and apply some touch up paint to the spot. Be sure to allow the area to dry before well before exposure to water.
  3. Apply Oil and Grease to Appropriate Areas
    Certain parts of your vehicle are unpainted and in constant contact with the outside elements. Owners should be sure to coat any exposed areas of metal with the proper type of grease to ensure top vehicle performance and rust prevention.


Call Walker Smith in Snellville GA

Walker Smith can help prevent rust on cars.If it’s too late and you actually discover rust on your vehicle, you should try to fix small problems in the paintwork quickly. If that fails, bring your car into Walker Smith Body Shop in Snellville, and we will be happy to assist you in getting your car looking as good as new. Whether it’s scratch removal, dent removal, a new paint job, or removing rust, we can make your car look new again!


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