If you’ve never had the experience of getting car damage repaired, you may have no idea where to begin. In general, once you report a claim to your insurance company, you’re going to begin the process of getting estimates for the repair work.


Finding Good Repair Work at a Good Price

Body shops are in business to repair the damage to your vehicle. Insurance companies, on the other hand, are in business to save money. Because of this, insurance companies have deals with many body shops where they receive discounted rates to repair your vehicle. This practice leads some to think that using an insurance company approved repair shop will save you money for the car repairs. But a word of caution; the warranty on your repairs at these “approved” shops may not be as long as the warranty Walker Smith will offer, which is a lifetime guarantee.


It’s Your Choice

Just because your insurance company has a “preferred shop,” it doesn’t mean you are in any way obligated to have your vehicle repaired there. You are, by Georgia law, allowed to have your vehicle repaired wherever you want. Getting estimates after a car accident is a time consuming process, but who you choose is up to you. Make the choice for yourself and call Walker Smith Body Shop today to schedule your free estimate.


Call Walker Smith for Repair Estimates

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Let Walker Smith help you with getting estimates after a car accident.Walker Smith is your full-service maintenance, auto body, paint, and auto repair shop in Snellville GA. We’re the auto body shop Snellville calls first. When getting estimates after a car accident, call us first. We’ll repair your car damage!


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