Windshield Damage 101

Your car’s windshield is not just a part of the design of the car, but it is a very important safety feature. The windshields on today’s cars are made out of materials that are designed to keep it from shattering. Most of the time, your windshield will hold up very well. That being said, if you ever do get a crack or chip in your car’s windshield, it is a serious matter and needs to be resolved quickly. The longer that you take to get the chip or crack repaired, there is more chance of it worsening and that tiny chip you thought wasn’t a big deal can then mean a full windshield replacement.

Luckily, with some great technology, many of these minor hits can be repaired quite quickly and you will have no need to replace the windshield. In many instances of cracks or chips, Walker Smith Body Shop can get them repaired and looking almost new for you.

Diagnosing Windshield repairs

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When your windshield is damaged, the result will either be a crack or a rock chip. When it is a chip, it will fall into one of four categories:

1. Bulls eye
This is the most common and easily repaired type of chip. If the diameter of the chip is an inch or less, we’ll be able to repair it to where you can barely see it and you will rarely have any other problems with it.

2. Star Break
This type of chip is the one pictured above. The multiple “legs” created by this chip makes it a bit harder to repair, but if it is less than an inch in diameter, we’ll be able to do it for you. Often when this kind of chip is repaired, you still might be able to see part of it, but there won’t be any spreading.

3. Half Moon
This is similar to the bulls eye, but not the complete roundness like it has. This is also easily repaired and leaves little evidence of it ever being there after.

4. Combination
There will often be a combination of each of these. Most should be able to be repaired.

To Replace or Repair…That is the Question

There are times when a crack or chip cannot be repaired. Those times include when the cracks are too long, when a crack extends from edge to edge, when a crack in is the driver’s line of vision or when a crack or chip can’t be filled due to contamination (dirt, water, etc). So, if you get a crack or chip in your windshield, here are some key points to remember so that we can get them fixed for you easily and quickly:
– When you first realize you have a chip or crack, place a piece of clear tape over it. This will help reduce the chance of contamination from dirt.
– Bring your vehicle in as soon as possible. Again, we want to try to avoid contaminating the crack in any way.
– If there is rain or a possibility of rain, try to park your car in a covered area. Water can often make a crack worse, so try to keep it as dry as possible.
– Do not wash your car before bringing it in to get the crack repaired. Again, keep it dry.

Walker Smith Body Shop is here to make sure you keep your windshield in the best condition possible. We don’t want there to be anything on your car that will compromise the safety of you and your family. If you end up needing a full windshield replacement, we can do that too. We are here to serve you!

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