From the invention of the seatbelt to the newest Collision Avoidance Systems, some of the best innovations in the auto industry have always been safety features. At Walker Smith, we are excited to learn about new systems that not only keep you safe, but also keep your car in great shape.

Collision avoidance systems (CAS) are now premium options from most major manufacturers. Volvo is the only company that offers CAS as a standard safety feature. Each car company has unique systems with varying features, but most of them use cameras, sensors and radar to detect nearby vehicles, objects or people. If a driver gets too close to something, the vehicle initiates braking, deceleration or takes control of the steering wheel to avoid a crash. This technology mainly kicks in to prevent low-speed crashes, which is especially good news for city drivers who regularly face stop-and-go traffic.

Many systems also integrate more widely used technology such as warning signals, pre-charging breaks, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitors and automatically tightening seatbelts. They also include innovations to improve night vision, such as highlighting objects that may not be obvious with infrared technology. Some companies even include pedestrian detectors. For now, most of these features are only available as upgrades or top-of-the-line models.

The technology is still in its infancy, but it is already showing promise. A research study in Israel suggests that the Collision Avoidance Systems reduce insurance claims by 44 percent. This is great news for drivers and insurers – fewer accidents will create savings that will likely pass from the insurance company to the customer.

These innovations will hopefully keep your car out of the shop and on the road where it belongs. But, if you are in need of Auto Body repair, from a fender bender, to a rogue shopping cart or something worse, remember to contact your neighbors at Walker Smith!

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