If you get in an accident, you do not have to go to the Body Shop that your insurance company recommends. You have a choice! Looking online or in the Yellow Pages can seems like a daunting task, so here are five tips for how to choose the best option.

  1. Shop around before you need a repair– It may be common sense, but psychology studies say that stressful times are not the best time to make decisions. If do your research now, in case of an accident, you will have peace of mind knowing you already made a decision ahead of time. And if you never need a repair, you will still have a recommendation handy for family and friends.
  2. Check out the Body Shop’s Credentials – You can call a body shop and ask them how their technicians are trained and what types of credentials they have. They may have advanced training by national organizations such as the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) or Automotive Service Association (ASA). Click here for a list.
  3. Look at the Shop’s Better Business Bureau Rating – A good body shop is committed to customer satisfaction, and that will be reflected by their BBB rating. The website looks at many factors including customer complaints, length the company has been in business, and many other factors.
  4. Duh, ask a friend! Maybe they have done the research already!
  5. Ask for a copy of their Warranty policy – A good body shop should back their work up with a warranty. If you find a shop you like, you can always find out what kind of warranty they offer before you actually need a repair.

With forty years in the business and a long track record of customer satisfaction, we hope that you will consider Walker Smith Body Shop when you do your research.