While you’re still digesting that Thanksgiving meal (it can take days depending on who cooked it), the tryptophan might be slowing your vehicular response time. But, even driving under the influence of Turkey isn’t as bad as some highway mess-ups. Just in time for your Holiday travel, here are the top five dumb moves on the highway (Snellville and beyond) from Walker Smith Body Shop.

5. Cutting in front of a Semi-Truck – Obviously, a 20,000 pound Big Rig is not built for agility, so cutting in front of one can cause major damage. More importantly, truck drivers are on the road for hours, so fatigue can slow reaction time.

4. Overcorrecting – If you hit a shoulder or swerve out of the way of road debris, the worst thing you can do is quickly turn the wheel to get back on the road. That’s because you are more likely to cause your car to flip. Overcorrecting causes about 4% of highway fatalities each year.

3. Speeding – Driving at high speeds increases your road risks significantly – 30% of highway fatalities happen when drivers crash at speeds of over 55 miles per hour. High speeds in residential areas or high traffic are especially dangerous.

2. Slamming on the Breaks in Bad Weather – We Atlantans don’t get much practice driving in ice and snow. Just as in rainy weather, breaking hard removes traction. If you need to slow down, just take your foot off the accelerator.

1. Taking your eyes off the road – Texting and driving gets a lot of press, but checking directions on your GPS map or changing to your favorite song on your playlist can be just as distracting. If you are performing any phone/device action that takes your attention away from the road, you get our award for the biggest Traffic Turkey!

Whether you’re staying at home or hitting the road this holiday season, we at Walker Smith want to wish you a safe and happy time with your loved ones!


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