Are you ready for Summer Time Travels? We at Walker Smith Body Shop would like to offer a few simple tips to help you pack what you need for your summer time adventures.

Tip#1 Stay cool. It is always nice to have a cooler full of ice cold drinks on your summer road trip! You never know what could happen, it is best to always have some cold beverages to keep you hydrated and cool!

Tip#2 Pack some summer time essentials… sunscreen, hats, aloe lotion, poison ivy ointment, etc… Think about all the things you have needed on past vacations. Pack them up now so that you don’t have to spend double the price elsewhere!

Tip#3 Make sure your car has the basics in case of an auto emergency. This includes sphere tire, jack, jumper cables, flash light, brand new gas can( used ones always smell like gasoline, this can save you big bucks at the gas station, where they will sell you a gas can for $12 because they know you don’t have a choice), blankets, flares, water, etc…

Tip#4 Have a GPS, atlas, or some sort of map. These days most people have smart phones with a GPS feature, just make sure you have something in case you get turned around.

Tip#5 A portable cell phone charger. As much as we rely on our cell phones these days it is best to have a portable charger so that you can stay connected on the road!

Tip#6 Have a plan in case of an auto emergency. It is best to have a service like AAA for your car in case something does go wrong!

So there you have it a few simple tips for Summer Time Travels. As always we at Walker Smith Body Shop are here to help with all your auto body shop needs!