Let’s be honest, driving in Atlanta is Crazy with a capital C. When people from other states visit Atlanta they are shocked by how dangerous our roads truly are. Whether it’s the guy driving 90mph in the far right hand lane or the eco-friendly smart car jumping in front of the semi-tractor trailer with only a half car length to spare (his) you know you have entered the twilight zone when you get on our infamous Atlanta roads.


To get past this crazymaking here are a few tips for newcomers to Atlanta. Trust us, you are not in Kansas anymore.

1) Be prepared. Atlanta has accidents like a newborn needing a diaper change. Yes, that often. For newcomers be prepared with a city map. A spiral bound guide is your best bet in a addition to the old fashioned accordion rectangle. Yes, you can trust GPS, but lets just say more than a few people have been re-routed a completely wrong way. It’s best before setting out to review how to get there and even come up with a backup in case there is…an accident.

2) Listen to AM radio for traffic updates. There are 2 major players that provide up to date traffic:

  • 106.7 FM All Talk Radio-During morning traffic they update on the sixes.
  • 750AM or 95.5 FM WSB-During morning traffic they update as it breaks and every ten minutes.

3) Check the Georgia Navigator online or on the phone. The Georgia Navigator has up to date traffic reports by the Department of Transportation. The website has a real time Atlanta traffic map that shows by color which highways are congested. Red is bad, green is good! If you are already driving and see a sea of red lights than call 511. Which feels weird to use the phone in this age of electronic communication but the system works surprising well, it will relay to your location traffic issues/accidents so you can choose a better route.

Well that’s it folks. How to navigate in Atlanta’s traffic. Unfortunately, because of our traffic issues, we have tons of accidents around the city and in Gwinnett county. If you are in Snellville or Gwinnett and are involved in a car accident, call Walker Smith Body Shop,  770-972-2975. We have been in business since 1968 and we warranty our collision body work the lifetime of the car. You can count on us being there to support that!

Or head over to our website to see pictures of  our Snellville body work. Or to read some testimonials. At Walker Smith Body Shop Snellville we are your eco-friendly Snellville body shop because we use high quality eco-friendly PPG paints. Come on over and say hello, you’d be surprised at the number of long term customers we have. We believe in a fair shake and running a honest shop.

Note: we work with all insurance companies and love working with State Farm claims. If you are confused about your options when it comes to choosing which Body Shop to do the work know that you have a choice according to Georgia State Law.  Call us to learn more or to understand how we can even help you with your deductible.

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