Kids in Costume

Halloween time brings out all the kids, making it easier to get into an accident.

I hate to say it, but we never hope to see any of our customers again, as accidents are never a fun thing to go through. Having said this, I’ve put together a few driving tips for the Halloween season so you can avoid having to see us once again.

  1. Drive slowly. Children will be lining the streets alongside their parents in cute (and hard to see) costumes, so drive slowly through these crowded areas.
  2. Get off your cellphone. Nothing is so important that you lose concentration a second too long and make a huge mistake.
  3. Use your turn signals. Other drivers and pedestrians will appreciate knowing your intentions.
  4. If you reach a stopped vehicle (especially a van or SUV), make sure you pay extra attention as the vehicle may be unloading a car full of kids.
  5. Avoid subdivisions during trick-or-treat hours.

Driving during Halloween should be done with the utmost caution as many children are out to get as much candy as possible. Be careful, and pay attention at all times!

(photo courtesy of your neighborhood librarian by Flickr)